Spend More Time Catching Fish, Not Fingers!

Add the Hook Tamer to your fishing rod, drop in the hook or lure, and twist to lock. Now you’re hooks are safe, secure and ready for action!


One snagged hook can ruin your fishing trip.

No matter how careful you try to be, an exposed hook will find something or someone to get snagged on.


Your Fingers

Have you or your children ever been injured by loose hooks?


Your Pets

Have you ever worried about your pet eating your bait and swallowing a hook?


Your Tackle

Are you tired of untangling your fishing line when you should be fishing?

Snagged hooks cause pain, frustration, and waste your time.

If you have ever gone fishing with your kids, pets, or equipment, you know how much of a headache your hooks can be. Unfortunately, fish aren’t the only things to get snagged by your hook. Your hook always seems to find its way into your own skin, clothes, and other important items. A snagged hook lead wastes precious fishing time – or even worse, can cause a trip to the hospital.


Without a place to store your hooks, they can snag onto…

    • Children
    • Car upholstery
    • Camping supplies
    • Trees & plants
    • Clothing
    • And much more…

Keep Your Fingers, Friends & Fabrics Safe with Hook Tamer

In 4 easy steps, you can safely store your hooks and enjoy fishing with friends and family worry-free.

1 – Attach to Rod

2 – Store Your Hook/Bait

3 – Twist to Close

4 – Reel in the Slack

With Hook Tamer your hooks are safe, secure, and your fishing rod is tangle free.

Hook Tamer easily attaches to any size fishing pole and uses a strap to keep it snug. It mounts in any position and removes instantly. To use Hook Tamer, simply drop your hook inside, turn it to a locked position and reel in the slack. With your hook now in Hook Tamer, you can transport your rod safely — protecting fingers, friends & fabrics.

With Hook Tamer, you can enjoy a perfect injury-free fishing experience.

    • No more hooks in your fingers
    • No more wasted time untangling hooks
    • Start your fishing trips sooner
    • Keeps your kids safe from any injuries
    • Protects your pets and equipment
    • Easily attaches to your rod in seconds

Fun, eye-catching…and perfect for the whole family!

Hook Tamer comes in a variety of different colors and will look great on your fishing rod. Not only does Hook Tamer improve your fishing trips – it’s a unique product that will have other fishers asking where they can get one for themselves. Adventure calls…come and join the fun with Hook Tamer!

“Can I leave my bait on the hook?”

Get creative with your Hook Tamer

Keep hook tamer on while fishing

Looks and works great on any size rod.

Start fishing faster than ever before

Have your hooks and bait ready to go.

Easy for kids to use and prevent snags

More worry-free fishing time for you.

Keeps your bait fresh

Prevents loose bait. Fish faster & with less mess.

Attach two Hook Tamers to your rod for multi-hook lures

Provides the perfect fit for your hooks and lures

Comes in a variety of different colors

Frequently Asked Questions

“Does Hook Tamer help remove hooks from fingers, clothes or gear?”

No, Hook Tamer prevents hooks from snagging on unwanted things. It is NOT a tool to help remove hooks.

“Can I leave Hook Tamer on my rod while fishing?”

Yes. The Hook Tamer is designed to stay out of your way while casting and reeling. It can also rotate on the rod and be positioned at convenient distances from the reel.

“Can I leave my bait on the hook?”

Yes, the Hook Tamer chamber is large enough to hold hooks with worms, power bait or other fishing bait.

“Will Hook Tamer work with lures and what about big lures?”

Yes, Hook Tamer will work with lures. Smaller lures can be placed directly inside Hook Tamer’s protective chamber. For large lures only the hook is placed in the Hook Tamer.

“What about lures with multiple hooks?”

Hook Tamer is suited for single hook lures. However, you can use multiple Hook Tamers, one for each hook.

“I have many different types of fishing poles, will Hook Tamer work for all of them?”

Most likely. Hook Tamer’s rubber cord will stretch to fit different rod diameters. However, large saltwater rigs may be too big to fit inside the Hook Tamer chamber.

“Hook Tamers are easy to sell. My customers love being able lock up their hooks and not worry about snags. What’s even better… they keep coming back to buy more for their friends and families.”

-Ken L. Jr.

“Dear Hook Tamer, you made fishing with my kids fun again…Thank you!”

-Cal C.

“Hook Tamer has eliminated so many headaches for me and my family while hiking to the streams we fish, as well as in the truck while we’re driving to our favorite fishing holes. This is the best thing that has come along in this sport in a long time. We now can just focus on the fun of fishing.”

-Kreg B.

“Focus on the fun of fishing”

Dealer Opportunities Available

Are you a manufacturer rep or fishing retailer looking for a competitive edge? A product that will revolutionize the way we go fishing — and guarantees a better fishing experience?

Fishing Retailers:
Contact us directly through this form or call 844-326-7902 to inquire about becoming a dealer, or purchase an opening order.

Manufacturer Reps: Contact us directly through this form or call 844-326-7902 to inquire about becoming a manufacturer rep for Hook Tamer and to order a sample.

Get a closer look of Hook Tamer, the most advanced hook keeper available (PATENT PENDING).

To become a dealer, contact us using this form or call 844-326-7902.

Attention Fishing Supply Retailers


The unique packaging allows your customers to experience and visualize how Hook Tamer will work when installed on their fishing rod. The helpful graphics coupled with the ability to actually open and close the Hook tamer is proven to increase sales.

How Package Design Makes Hook Tamer Irresistible:

  • Customers interact  by opening and closing the Hook Tamer 
  • Sells it self by answering the most common questions
  • Shows “What It Does, “How It Works” and “How It Attaches”
  • Prominently displays “Made In The USA”
  • Display anywhere in your store- Can hang on a peg or stand on a shelf/counter

Interactive Packaging Demonstrates How To:

Open Hook Tamer to insert or remove your tackle.


Close Hook Tamer to secure your hook, lures and bait.


Use the flex band to attach Hook Tamer to your fishing rod.